E-Corporate Lawyers (“ECL”)


ECL is founded by Mohamed Shahin, Attorney-at-Law and Arbitrator in 2000, as a sole practitioner law office registered at the Egyptian Bar Association in Cairo, Egypt.

In 2015, M. Shahin has moved to Biel/Bienne Switzerland where he united his legal and business activities under the roof of his family business MSLS Sàrl based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, which he manages with his wife Dr. M. Shehab.

MSLS manages other sustainable brands, affiliates, domains, partnerships, businesses and investments including EquiJuri, EquiTraveler, EquiProperties, Avenches Horse Community among others.

ECL honors its origins, leverages the privilege of its location and two geographical aspects of its brand identity to build bridges connecting the communities, businesses and cultures of both Switzerland and Egypt.

Throughout their careers, the founders had successful experience growing their family businesses to over 7 figure revenue and have further worked with leading Swiss and Egyptian institutions and corporations including Nestlé, Novartis, UBS, Sika, Artoc Swiss, Orascom Development, Zschimmer & Schwarz, Drosos Foundation, Swiss Egyptian Business Chamber of Commerce and the Swiss Embassy in Cairo among others.

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The Founder


I’ve graduated from Cairo University’s law school and obtained my LLB in 2000.

After completing my two-year mandatory post-graduation legal training at Shalakany Law Firm in Cairo, I was admitted as a barrister to the Egyptian Bar Association.

Throughout my career, I was privileged to render corporate legal consultancy and services to world-class institutions including the IFC, the World Bank, IBM, Microsoft, Nestlé, and Unilever. Helping C-Suite executives of leading corporations for over two decades has helped me remain at the forefront of corporate governance and law.

Later, I joined and became a member of the Swiss Jurists Association, the Swiss Sports Law Association, Sports Lawyers Association in the USA, the International Sports Law Association in Greece, Union International des Avocats in Paris, and the International Bar Association in London.

Continuing my higher education, I took and taught several online and off businesses degrees, cybersecurity, algorithm, forensics and full stack coding diplomas, marketing automation certifications, content strategy, copywriting and guest blogging certificates and professional legal courses offered by leading educational institutions including Harvard University, Bern University of Applied Sciences, The German University, The British Council, The French Ministry of Higher Education, CTI, IBM, Google, Udacity, Get Smarter among others.

Pursuing my passion for horses and riding (show jumping) more academically, I was awarded the Equiguarde certification and the Swiss Federal horse professional license.  I studied equine science and equestrian sports at the Federation Equestre International, International Society for Equitation Science, and Haras National Suisse.

Combining my legal profession with my horse passion and professional certification has allowed me to uniquely serve the equine and equestrian sports segment and offer them an unmatchable experience of Swiss quality.

Through EquiJuri, my equestrian sports agency, I render professional holistic consultancy with unique knowledge, skill, experience and professionalism in the fields of compliance, corporate governance, cybersecurity, sports law, business law and equestrian sports arbitration to horse riders, professionals, show jumpers, horse owners, breeding associations, equestrian sports federations, online businesses, coaches, media and event organizers.

When I am not lawyering or showjumping, I love spending uninterrupted quality time with my wife and three kids, playing music, dancing, chess, scuba diving, and sailing.

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ECL Network


ECL is supported by a prominent community of corporate lawyers and leading law firms in the USA, EU, Scandinavia, and MENA regions, Switzerland, and Egypt.

The ranks of ECL community of leading corporate lawyers include experienced judges, arbitrators, jurists, appellate litigators, barristers, solicitors and Olympic sports professionals.

ECL sports lawyers and international arbitrators regularly appear before all major international sports Alternative Dispute Resolution Courts including CAS in Switzerland.

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ECL Model


ECL collaborative community members recognize that legal practice requires interdisciplinary skills, specialist knowledge, and professional attitude to achieve the ever demanding client loyalty.

ECL uses digitization, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, automation, and practical legal solutions to unite its community members to render premiere legal services to their clients.

Through its websites, forums and blogs, ECL publishes posts, articles, papers, case studies, success stories, jurisprudence, newsletters, and research on corporate governance, compliance, intellectual property, sports law and arbitration.

ECL strongly stands for the principles of the legal profession as adopted by the IBA, sports spirit of the Olympic Movement, the corporate governance best practices as set forth by the OECD and the sustainable development goals of the UN.