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"Excellent. Thank you for taking the time. I learned a lot from the call and also convinced of everything I am thinking is the way to go to scale.

Thank you for the confirmation 🙏"

[M. Shahin]


What You’ll Get Out Of
This Consultation

You'll chat with a legal industry marketing expert 1-on-1 for 50 minutes with no strings attached.

You'll walk away knowing what you need to do. And the most suitable options to get it done.

Schedule Your 

There are 7-time slots available weekly and they will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

This Consultation normally costs $199 but in these 7-time slots only. 

I'll offer it to you now for $99 before the time runs out in the counter below.


Here's How It Works:

- Step 1
Schedule a 50-minute consultation.

- Step 2
Before the call, we would like to know a bit about you and what you need help with.

- Step 3
So you'll be asked to fill out a 3-minute form.

What I'll Do Before
The Call

I'll read through your form responses, analyze your website and check social engagement with your brand.

You should show up on time, set up in a quiet space, with your note taking & tech tools ready. 

What Happens During The Call

During the call we'll dive deep into your current legal practice state of affairs.

We'll get clarity on you want to achieve, strategies, tactics & action plan with step by step tasks to get you there.

What You'll Walk Away With After the Call

You'll walk away with clarity on how to grow your legal practice knowing what your next step is.

After the consultation you'll receive an email with a detailed action plan to implement the strategy we concluded. 

About M. Shahin

As a corporate lawyer and certified cybersecurity professional 
for over two decades, I manage E-Corporate Lawyers that helps lawyers and law firms start, secure, scale and sell their virtual legal practice. 

Why It's Recommended That You Have An Initial Consultation

To discover what experience you want to enjoy online and your budget. I'll show you the different virtual legal options that better suit you and how to turn your legal practice into a profitable profession...



"How interesting! thanks again for all your help."



"Thank you so much for your response and for your kind words. It’s very sweet of you to take the time to answer me."



"Excellent. Thank you for taking the time. I learned a lot from the call and also convinced of everything I am thinking is the way to go to scale.Thank you for the confirmation 🙏"

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