Are you passionate about horses or equestrian sports?

Is growing your equine business challenging?

Do you find it difficult to find expert support online?


If any of this resonates with you,

then you’ve reached the right place!

Managed by an equine jurist and certified horse professional,

and supported by a network of leading corporate lawyers and horse sports experts,

EquiJuri offers you innovative solutions to start, grow and protect your equine business and online presence.

EquiJuri renders professional legal, marketing, and management consultancy to help its clients:


– plan a clear course of action,

– carefully jump legal obstacles,

– draft equestrian contracts, and

– fairly resolve horse arbitration and litigation.

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Legal Assistance


EquiJuri’s knowledge of the law, combined with its experience in show jumping and Equigarde equestrian federal management license, has helped it remain at the forefront of equestrian sports and equine law in Switzerland and internationally.

EquiJuri assists you in:

– equestrian strategic planning,

– horse and asset management,

– compliance and corporate governance,

– drafting of equestrian sports contracts, and

– horse arbitration and mediation.




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EquiTraveler helps you find the best hotels, flights, transport, show jumping event tickets and VIP seating options.

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EquiJuri further helps you manage:

– show jumping clinics,

– equestrian insurance,

– horse competitions,

– brand management,

– sponsorship, and

– fundraising.


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