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Here are our affiliate partners online contracts, services and courses that can support you along the way:

Small Business Legal Academy.

2 - Legal Advice & Coaching for Entrepreneurs
E-Corporate Lawyer

3- Contract Forms for Your Business:
3-1 Affiliate Contract: You can use with your advocates and promoters.
3-2  Client Agreement Template: You can use with your clients.
3-3 Confidentiality Agreement Form: You can use to protect confidential information use by third parties.
3-4 Employee Agreement Pack: You can use with your employees.
3-5 Independent Contractor Agreement: You can use with contractors or their sub-contractors.
3-6 General LLC Operating Agreement: You can use it this Agreement template for a US Limited Liability Company.
3-7 Online Program Agreement Template Form: You can use it to offer online programs, membership sites or courses.
3-8 Publicity Release Forms: You can use it for publicity releases.
3-9 Website Legal Forms Package: You can use it for your website Privacy Policy, Terms, Conditions and disclaimer.
(9 Bonuses + USD 50 Discount)

Online Business Website GDPR Compliance Pack.

5- Consulting & Coaching
5-1 Consulting Online Course. (Free Trial + USD 500 Discount)
5-2 Guest Blogging Online Course.
5-2 Big Money Business Coaching.
5-3 Three Steps To Get Clients Coaching.
5-4 Renaissance Business.

6- Legal & Accounting Software
6-1 Clio.
6-2 PracticePanther.
6-3 Smokeball.
6-4 QuickBooks Accounting Course.

7- Website Development
7-1 Domain Registration: Hover or Sedo for resale and auctions.
7-2 Hosting Services: SiteGround.
7-3 Website Editor, Theme & Landing Page: Thrive Themes.

8- Online Marketing
8-1 Landing Pages: LeadPages.
8-2 Email Distributor: ActiveCampaign.
8-3 Automated Sales Funnels: ClickFunnels

9- Research Intelligence Tools
9-1 Keywords: Jaaxy.
9-2 Competitive Analysis: Follow.

10- Social Media, Creative & Designers Contracts 
10-1 Videographer Contract Template.
10-2 Website Designer Contract Template.
10-3 Social Media Manager Contract Template.
10-4 Mastermind Agreement Contract Template.

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