ECL renders corporate governance, compliance and arbitration legal consultancy and services to its clients, in the following industries and market segments:





ECL offers outsourcing solutions to hire cybersecurity representatives and DPO officers as per GDPR requirements.

ECL helps esports technology providers overcome their cybersecurity and GDPR challenges.

On the provider side, ECL represents sport software developers, sport and entertainment event companies, content providers, domain name registries and registrars, infrastructure and network providers, and application providers.

On the user side, ECL represents companies that employ and transfer sports technology. ECL is involved in supporting outsourcing and managed sport services, sport ministries public procurement,  sport software licensing and maintenance, cross-sourcing, electronic commerce, ASP contracts, digitization, system security, disaster recovery, data networks, digital encryption, web-hosting arrangements, domain names, content regulation, data feeds, digital broadcast production and technology, communications, electronic banking and financial services, data protection, privacy and patent licensing.



Sports Law


ECL lawyers’ knowledge of sports law has helped it remain at the forefront of the equine law and equestrian sports regulations for over two decades.

ECL lawyers are retained by clients in disputes relating to professional and amateur equestrian sports, including sponsors, television channels, governing bodies, clubs, athletes, sports federations and horse associations.





ECL represents equine real estate contractors, developers, subcontractors, design professionals, property developers, risk, sureties, lenders and other construction industry stakeholders.

Through an international network of notary public offices, intellectual property and patent agents, ECL registers assets and intellectual property in USA, Europe, and the MENA Regions, including land, equine agricultural fields, vessels and boats, equestrian real estate, trade & service marks, industrial designs, patents, copyright, domain names, trade secrets …etc





ECL represents pharmaceutical manufacturers, manufacturers, hospitals and other healthcare providers in the sports and equestrian industry through EquiJuri.

ECL provides representation services in connection with disputes concerning all regulatory and marketing strategies, competition issues, including follow-on products, over-the-counter conversion, and patent and trademark protection.





ECL members are regularly instructed by boutique hotel owners and operators, travel companies and leisure organizations hosting equestrian sports events and competitions on complex and challenging legal issues.

ECL offers superior representation to the key players in the equestrian sports industry. ECL acts in disputes involving hotels, gaming, holidays, fitness, leisure and sports events.

ECL acts directly or indirectly for clients in the international insurance sector, including equine insurance and reinsurance for equestrian sports companies and athletes, brokers and regulators, insurance and reinsurance coverage disputes, professional liability claims and regulatory investigations and proceedings both nationally and regionally.

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