ECL is the premier virtual community of over 2000 corporate lawyers & legal 100 firms.

Lawyers hire us to start, secure, scale or sell their virtual legal practices & law firms. 

We help lawyers get results fast, in the most simple & affordable ways without having to be tech savvy or spend a fortune on advertising.

E-Corporate Lawyers virtual legal solutions use state of art technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning & automated work flows. 

The virtual legal serives we offer our clients are safe, secure & confidential. Unmatchable value for money you can find anywhere in the market at the moment.

We 100% stand by our services with our full satisfaction guarantee.

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Draft Your e-business contracts

We'll help you draft your online business necessary contracts. Both set & forget operation or partnership agreeents and day-to-day contracts with clients, VAs, affiliates, agents, contractors & professionals.

Legal & Marketing Consultancy

We'll help you get better results & solve problems. Online entrepreneurs, virtual lawyers & equestrian hire us to consult them on how to start, secure, scale or sell their E-Businesses or professional practices online.

Develop Your Virtual legal Offers

We'll help you create & develop your virtual legal service offers to attract more clients online & predictably make more profits. You'll know which type of clients to focus on. What legal help to offer them & how much to charge.

Build Your Website & Social Profiles

We'll help you develop & design a beautiful website that works as your best salesporson on autopilot. Including setting up your content pages, theme, plugins, scheduler, payment, SEO, Analytics & emails.

Enjoy Your Practice Like video Games

We'll help set up an appointment scheduler, offer your virtual consultancy, services, courses or membership to build your clients' community platform. We'll help you delegate & automate tasks so you can do what you enjoy.

VirtuaLaw Online Course

If you feel - like most lawyers - that your virtual practice is challenging, and that securing your digital assets is overwhelming, then you've come to the right place.

We take legal technology off your plate, to free time for your clients and work!

ECL offers you the " VirtuaLaw Start & Scale Your Online Business To 7 Figures In 7 Weeks". 

This online course open for registration once a year for 9 lawyers only.

This 7 weeks online course will help you start and scale your virtual practice.
It will provide you with the tools and resources you need to grow your online legal consultancy business.

This premier program uses & help you use legal technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide you with legal solutions customized for your personal needs.

ECL online course help you create virtual legal products and services at scale to avoid trading time for money and skyrocket your virtual legal practice profits.

With the strong support of its premier community of over 2000 leading corporate lawyers, ECL offers you an unmatchable professional community & experience.

We stictly stand for the code of conduct of the IBA, the corporate governance best practices as set forth by the OECD and the sustainable development goals of the UN.

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